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i studied composition at the iceland academy of the arts with hróðmar i. sigurbjörnsson. i graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in 2016 and did an internship with anna þorvaldsdóttir in the uk the following winter.


i have worked with various theatre groups, dancers, chamber ensembles and filmmakers. i received support from the rúv composers fund and the icelandic centre for research’s music recording fund.

currently i am taking part in the yrkja project with iceland’s symphony orchestra, the iceland music information centre and anna þorvaldsdóttir.

 © Owen Fiene 

ingibjörg fríða helgadóttir and i have been working on a song cycle,

"the woman in the mirror" based on poetry by ingibjörg haraldsdóttir.

we plan to develop this further in 2019. 



 theatre work 


Velkomin heim 

með Ragnheiði Erlu

Þjóðleikhúsið 2019



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